‘Hysteria’ by Muse is a powerful song with a killer bass line that draws on a lot of raw emotion. For me, the music has always been about addiction, desire and the obsession of wanting something so badly but knowing you can never have it.

I wanted to do something different with this cover and put my own spin on it while keeping the song’s main riffs, so you recognise Muse’s ‘Hysteria’.

I’ve manipulated the recorder by using different pedal effects and modern techniques to create some truly unique sounds. Combined with a bridge using layered vocals and some incredible synth effects using a Yamaha DX7 keyboard, I love my version of this great song, and I hope you do too.

Hushhhhh Little Baby

This collection of popular lullabies and nursery rhymes was originally recorded as a sleeping aid for babies and young children. Using only the deep soft sounds of the C-Bass recorder, and combined with the extensive use of repetition, it has been a great success for many users to get their young ones to sleep.

Don’t expect anything fancy or any symphony orchestral sparkles – this is pure C Bass recorder, simple but effective.
It was a nightmare trying to finalise these tracks as I kept slipping into the hypnotic effect of it all myself, which is the point of it right?!!

I challenge anyone who listens to this, young or old, not to zone out or fall asleep before the end…


This album is one of my favourite projects I’ve done with the recorder.  ‘Breathe’ is a collection of four traditional Japanese shakuhachi ‘Bushi’ or melodies about space, time and breath.  They may sound simple, but the amount of technique and musicianship needed to perform these beautiful works requires another level.

I re-imagined these works for recorders after being inspired by the works and performance of Kôhachiro Miyata’s ‘Shakuhachi – The Japanese Flute’.

I hope you fall in love with these like I did.

‘Never See Love’ – review by Tex Owen, Mustang Radio Services

Firstly, this is a track I could easily drive long distance within the car on my own. An album of 10 tracks like this would be great. My mind can wander as I barrel down the bitumen on the long straight roads we often travel to gigs. So overall, I like the track very much…

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Never See Love

I wrote this original song with DJ Cubist in 2006.  Primarily DnB genre, it featured my vocals and recorder.  I always wanted to do an instrumental version, keeping the basic structure but utilising completely different sounds and creating a feeling of being mesmerised.

I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire

I first discovered the Ink Spots in 2009 during After Dark Theatre’s production of ‘Limbo-requiem’.  They were an American vocal jazz group who gained international fame in the 1930s and 1940s.   One of the first African-American groups, along with the Mills Brothers, to reach both black and white audiences, and had a great influence on the development of the doo-wop vocal style.

I fell in love with this song and wanted to create a unique version of the song.

Bongmoth – 1.618

I have confirmed rumours that the follow up to 1.618 is indeed in the works.  It’s amazing to have had the recorder used on this album and I count myself lucky to have been involved.

The musicians that are Bongmoth are nothing short of incredible and I cannot wait to hear the next installment.

To really appreciate 1.618, don’t just listen to the tracks I’ve featured, follow the link and listen to the whole album – it’s ‘one monumental song’.

Read the full review from Feedback Metal.


A place that knows no boundary; welcome to Limbo.

Limbo is a perception altered journey of an old lady living in her manor; her mind escaping her as she tries to grasp ‘what is real?’, she reminisces on her past, her loved and her lost.  Struggling to differ from a dream, she finds help in the form of a butterfly.  Her goal is to be free from madness.


Since ‘Sucker’ was released by the Jonas Brothers I have listened to this everyday – its got a great beat, it makes me want to move and I just fell in love with the lyrics.  When I fall for songs like this, I start manipulating them for fun and see if I can completely turn them on their head.   This time I thought I would cement my version, take a risk and release it.

This version is not a straight cover – you should expect something different.  Its simple, sultry and I hope you enjoy.

New site, new music added

Welcome to my brand new website. I’m in the process of uploading my catalogue of music, starting with my vocal recordings.

You can now listen on my work with Asian Envy and the amazing Funk Buddies, with their recording for Society the Show.

Much more content is on its way.