Hair & makeup by Peta-Gai McLaughlin & Iridis Cosmetics – ‘Makeup Made Simple’ / Photography by Nancy Morrison

Kara (artist also known as Kara Ciezki), after completing her Bachelor of Music at The University of Melbourne, continued her studies in the USA at the New England Conservatory of Music, where she gained her Master of Music Degree in Historical and Contemporary Performance on Recorder.

After winning the Woodwind Concerto Competition at the New England Conservatory, Kara debuted as a concert soloist on the recorder in 2001 in Jordan Hall to high acclaim.  Since then she has performed internationally and worked with various groups in the USA and Australia.

In 2006 Kara began concentrating on singing. She has gained recognition among musicians and producers which has led to successful releases and collaborations with various groups and artists, including Opera Australia, Orchestra Victoria, Pipistrelli Chamber Players, Soria Chamber Players, NEC Chamber Players, DJ Cubist, Asian Envy, Minister & Youthful Implants, Bongmoth, Black Sun, After Dark Theatre and members of The Funk Buddies.

Kara is currently working on new projects, including two new albums and an EP which are due for release in the new year and new shows that will join the festival circuits.